What is marketing?

Definition of Marketing

What is marketing?

We are in a time where everyone have discovered this awesome way to live the life they want and be financially free. We all can now work our computers. Our computers that is set up at home collecting dust because we are at work. We never had time to really use your computer maybe for short tasks. Never in a million years did I think that I would be able to work from home. We can even work from your phones now. Giving us the advantage to make our lives easier instead of working long hours to achieve the financial stability we are destined to have. Marketing is a skill set that you develop from studying to gain experience on how to sale a service or a product to another business or consumer. What is marketing? Marketing is about learning your business or brand, and reaching the people that want to know about what you are presenting.

How do you explain marketing?

Marketing is easy to understand it’s name speak for it ‘s self. Market shopping, and selling. Marketing is a way to find your ideal audience there is no set way to market its many different tactics, and strategies you can use. The tactics and strategies you use will be custom to your personal business. The object of marketing is to use many strategies, and tactics together to determine what works for you.

What are the Different types of marketing?

In marketing there are many ways to market it all depends on how aggressive you want to be or having a softer approach on marketing to the audience you want to attract. I made a list what are the different types of marketing? My list is to give you examples of what types of marketing. There is nothing wrong with how you market it’s your business, and what ever your doing is only going to work for you.

What are 4 types of marketing/

Types of marketing

Influence Marketer

According Nicole’s Virtual Assistant Academy (NVAA), influencer marketing focuses on leveraging individuals who have influence over potential buyers and orienting marketing activities around these individuals to drive a brand message to the larger market.

influencer marketing, rather than marketing directly or compensates influencers. (which can include celebrities, content creators, customer advocates, and employees)to get the word out there.

Relationship Marketer

According to Nicole’s virtual assistant academy, Relationship marketing refers to strategies and tactics for segmenting consumer to build loyalty programs.

Keyword marketing

According to Nicole’s virtual assistant academy Keyword marketing involves placing a marketing message in front of users based on the specific keyword and phrases they are using to search.

A keyword advantage of this marketing method is that it gives marketers the right massage at the right time. For many marketers, keywords marketing results in the placement of an ad when certain keywords are entered.

In SEO, this term refers to achieving top placement in search results themselves.

Viral Marketing

According to Nicole’s virtual assistant academy Viral marketing is a marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along marketing message.


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