About Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams

I started over relocated from Rochester NY to Valdosta GA, when I was 27. I realized my family, and I deserve more out of life. I was married young to the man of my dreams. Everything happened so fast I really didn’t have time to make a plan.

All I had was dreams of starting a home dase business. That could give me the time to work on my family, and myself. I wanted to travel then envisioned my dreams. We left with a car, $400, and a dream. We wanted to one day own a home gain stability for our children.

After 3 years I was turning 30 this year. We fell hard so we went back to Rochester  NY, with family. It was a experience I needed it opened my eyes that we are now adults with children we dont have time to play.

I got miserable there it felt like I gave up on my dreams. I was hopeless I got good with God I did a vision board in my phone. This time we planned we know we wanted to go to Florida. We decided to get jobs to fund our lifestyle we stayed in a hotel for 8 months. 2020 was eye opening year for me I saw the world in the eyes I saw it in in 2015 on my journey to spiritual awakening.

I watched the news all 2020 in total honor 2020 was the year that my dreams talked about.I know when I’m tired you will too if you realize you are in control of your own life.

I been on a mentality shift since 2015 I got tired. I know a family is to pray together, and stay together. We live our storm, and will survive another one. I will do anything to get to where I want to be in life.

We was given our first house for FREE we moved in October 2, 2019. All we paid was 1,500 a month making our income triple our bills.

Fast forward to now with following my dreams I gained soo much knowledge to be able to run a successful business. Giving me the ability to live life. For myself first then for my wonderful family.

I am happy to be able to experience working in the marketing field I have so much knowledge to share. I am hosting my own Master class its launching soon. I am excited to give you all my blueprint to becoming a successful business owner.
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Social media, and website Digital marketing!

Our mission is to assist our clients with producing photographs of their product or selves. I have great content to promote market and advertise for their audience to see what their presenting. We learned in marketing, you must grab the attention of the masses to make a sale

Our mission is to design great graphics for our clients to place on their website. We specialize in designing website photos,articles, and logos,
we have 9 years of experienced with the wordpress website platform.

Our mission is to take the load off my clients, and run their social media platforms. I will answer all your comments, I will post 3 posts a day with the content I create for your business. I will also answer/send your business emails out to your potential customers or existing customers. I will organize files, and emails. With my personalized marketing blueprint I plan to have your platforms organized and gaining or keeping it steady.

Why should you have a virtual assistant in your business I cant tell you why. Though I can tell you why I will be a great aspect to your business. I know how hard it is to be a entrepreneur. On my journey I realized marketing and advertising requires the most time. Your barley getting to spend your quality time with your loved ones. I here to take all the work off your hand. I have help many brands drive more sales and traffic to their platforms. With being able to get the attention of their potential clients. When we work together I see your vision as you see your vision. I’m soo excited to work with you I have a 5 day trial for $6. I want you to test out my work I bet you wont leave us.