Start your online business

Start your online business

Are you looking to start your online business NOW what are you waiting for if this pandemic didn’t teach you anything. I’m sure it taught you financial independence. If your business is not online then your business will not survive the world being shut down again. In 2020 we had more closed small business then we had polls closing. It’s time to bring your business online to join the many businesses that stood a chance when the world shut down. Having your business online no only keep you open for business it also give you more advantages to make more money online. Selling your product or services online is only the surface of having a online business. Your website can give you the ability to make passive income by just using your website to scale high with a blog. You can also make revenue by promoting other businesses. The steps are easy it all depends on you if your ready to take that leap Now, I will tell you how to start your online business!

Steps to start a online business

1. Identify a online business Idea

To identify your online business you must understand your passions what is your why for opening a online business? What is your business going to be about. My suggestion is you find a niche that you are going to love, even if you’re not getting paid for it. In my many years of creating my online businesses I always found myself creating a business that I don’t love that wasn’t good on my mental health. I was expecting soo much out of a business I had just started. The reason for that I know online businesses are making billions of people a great amount of money every day. Identify your Digital Marketing plan how are you going to find your targeted audience on social media and your blog if your not marketing your idea to the right crowd. Identify If you have competition, and how will you bring out a unique idea. Identify what digital channel are you going to us such as Facebook, instagram, and linkedin

2. Develop your Products and/or services

Developing products and services play hand and hand with Identifying you online business the object is to create a product and service you could talk about all day even have you writing about it.

3. Research

Research is very important you need to understand what others are talking about in your niche understand different approaches to achieving the goal you have for your online business. Research your competitors, research what your title intel, find others that is doing what you are doing start surrounding yourself with others that is in the same niche.

4. Domain name

Domain name is well needed it could be your business name or it can be a name associated with what your product or services are. in my opinion through many studies I have performed with SEO tactics. I learned that having a domain name that is direct is helps your business with accessible search for your audience.

5. Get a website or blog

I suggest you open a website with when you upgrade your blog or website you get a free domain name with your plan their prices are as low as $4.72 per month $60 per year. That is the best investment I made in my business and will pay more to live as a online business owner.

7. Take some online courses

There are tons of online courses that you can take to boost up your chances to succeed in the online business world.


Start a website is one of my favorite website hosting and building sites. I have been using them for over 5 years now. You can start a blog for free with great templets and courses to attend to get even better with creating the best website to present to your audience. I started using wordpress for years now the very first time was hard as the years going on I am able to learn soo much more on wordpress.

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